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who, what and why we are/

Founded in 2002 by Ria Kraftt, the medium-sized Green Grass Design team is devoted to creating the foundation for brands – and people – to flourish and grow. Alongside good business principles, extending to constant client involvement and workflow processes, clients are assured of beautiful, considered and detailed work, delivered on spec and on time.


Our services extend into graphic design, branding and financial reporting, revealing a unique skillset for information design, iconography and attention to the smallest detail.


We have three of our own laser-cutting machines for producing unique client products – from concept, to design, production and delivery. We have always had a passion for making things: the design, textures of fabrics, paper, wools, wood, needlework and all things tactile.  By combining our craft with technology, we found such a passion for it that we opened the Green Grass Design Shop. This is now a highly regarded retail business that, over the years, has contributed so much to people up-skilling and a happy and creative working environment for our staff.


Green Grass Design and the Green Grass Gift Shop is where we do what we love, and love what we do.


We hope you will too.


visual cultivation
  • Graphic design
  • Information design and reporting
  • Brand and corporate identity
  • Packaging design
  • Custom, on-site laser cutting
  • Product design outlet – Green Grass Gift Shop
  • Garden design outlet – Gardenista
relationship cultivation
  • Service excellence and relationship management
  • Transparent and continuous client communication
  • Powerful workflow processes
  • On-spec, on-time and in-scope when it comes to quality and timing
  • Accurate budgeting
people cultivation
  • Skills development


2016/ EY/ Telkom Integrated Report Most Improved

2016/ Nkonki/ Telkom Integrated Report 2nd Place 

2017/ EY/ Telkom Integrated Report Excellence Award

2018/ EY/ Telkom Integrated Report Excellence Award

2018/ SA Publication Forum/ Octodec Best Integrated Report 2nd Place

2019/ EY/ Telkom Integrated Report Excellence Award

2020/ EY/ Telkom Integrated Report Excellence Award

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