laser cutting

We are able to do personalized laser cutting if the order exceeds a certain volume. Contact us with your project to see if we are able to help you.

In the meantime, here are some tips on what works and what doesn’t – trust us, we’ve done the trial and error.

The laser cutter makes it possible to achieve detail as fine as 4pt type and 0.2pt line widths. When cutting on paper (and light colour materials) one should expect a slight burnt effect - a distinct quality of laser cutting. We use this effect to enhance design or, alternatively, we suggest darker colours / materials to hide it.


The maximum size that we can cut is 430x700mm; we can’t cut metal or glass, but can engrave on both; we can’t cut reflective materials e.g. mirrors, but we do have a perspex mirror alternative; smallest type size: 4pt; thinnest line width: 0.2pt; smallest detail in perspex: 1x1mm; and smallest detail in paper: 0.5x0.5mm.

artwork specifications:

We require artwork in any of the following vector formats e.g.
Ai - Adobe Illustrator;
Fh11 – Freehand 11;
Cdr – CorelDraw; and
PDF – Acrobat.

Please use 100k (100% black) for engraving areas. Please use 100m100y (100% red) for cut lines. The line width for cut lines must be 0.001pt.

I prefer working with vector artwork, but we can also engrave photorealistic imagery. We convert photographs to bitmaps. High contrast photographs work the best.


Materials we can cut & engrave: paper (80-1000gsm), perspex (2mm – 12mm), wood (2 – 6mm). Materials we can ONLY engrave: metal and glass.

download laser cutting swatches
download perspex colours
download artwork specifications

terms and conditions:

50% when placing an order and 50% on completion of project unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Please note that we ask a R275 set-up fee to convert your artwork to the correct format. If your artwork requires additional tweaks, a R550 per hour rate will apply. We will always communicate this before we proceed.

We will always supply a sample before we proceed with a job. If a sample was done and the job doesn’t progress further, a R275 (excl vat) sample fee will be applicable.

Deliveries in central Johannesburg at R150 per trip.


We can cut the following paper:

80 - 300 gsm paper

80 - 280 gsm tracing paper

tissue paper (very fragile)

suede paper


We can cut the following board:

kappa board (770 + 1075gsm)

triplex (660gsm)

beermat (500gsm)

double wall cardboard (5mm)


We can cut the following wood:

novalite (cream) (3mm)

laserwood (200x600mm) (2 + 6mm)
(mahogany, walnut, cherry, alder)

vineering (0.5Mm)

balsa wood (2 + 3mm)


We can cut the following perspex:

clear perspex (2 + 3 + 5 + 8 + 12mm)

translucent perspex (3mm)
available in most colours

solid perspex (3mm)
available in most colours

frosted perspex (3mm)
available in most colours

fluorescent (3mm)

mirror perspex (2 + 3mm)

We can cut the following foam:

foam (3mm)
(pink, yellow, white, blue + black)

Stickers stock (0.2mm) with colour (white / black)
engraving. Available in the following colours:

white / black
black / white
red / white
yellow / black
dark blue / white
bottle green / white
silver / black
gold / black
magnetic sheets

1mm magnetic sheets with colour engraving

Available in the following colours:

silver / black
gold / black
magnetic sheets